Achieve ageless beauty, reduce stress and let your inner light shine

Cosmetic Acupuncture powerfully reactivates the body’s ability to repair and regenerate cellular tissue. It triggers the memory of your body to produce vital and vigorous healthy cells while increasing blood flow, circulation and production of collagen and elastin.

cosmetic acupuncture for 50s 60s

30s and 40s

Starting the treatments when you’re in your 30s or 40s will prevent sagging and wrinkles. It will increase blood flow and circulation to the skin and lips. In addition to prevention you will also erase fine lines and soften deeper wrinkles.

Cosmetic Acupuncture for 50s 60s

50s and 60s

Cosmetic acupuncture is successful in smoothing fine lines and softening deeper wrinkles. It will increase blood flow and circulation to the skin and lips creating a brighter complexion and will also lift the cheeks and firm the skin around the jaw line and neck.


Late 60s and 70s

Cosmetic Acupuncture and/or Facial Beauty Cupping can be used to increase blood flow and circulation to the skin, eyes and cheeks – creating a brighter and more youthful complexion. Depending on skin tone and aging the results may be more subtle.

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Acupuncture addresses physical and emotional health. Poor digestion can lead to unhealthy skin. Stress and carbohydrates create wrinkles and sagging skin. Dehydration can make your skin dry. Water retention can lead to a puffy appearance. Poor liver function creates hyper-pigmentation, while poor kidney function promotes toxicity and creates dark circles under the eyes. Acupuncture stimulates healing and moves energy throughout the body.

A Treatment for Your Entire Body, Not Only the Face

The recommended course of treatment is 10-15 treatments, one treatment per week or every other week. A monthly maintenance treatment is recommended after the series is complete. The cost of treatment is $75 per session.

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